What is an asthma incident?

An asthma attack happens when the asthmatic person has bouts of wheezing, coughing, daytime fatigue, sleeplessness or shortness of breath. 

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Sometimes, this asthma bout passes with the use of an 'emergency' inhaler, and one is not sure if it was a 'full blown; asthma attack or not. Whether it is recognised as an asthma attack or simply an asthma incident, it is recommended that one makes a note of exactly what happens, situation preceding the happening, and how long it occurred for, for further review by health professionals.


Is it easy to recognise an incident happening?

Obviously for many people, they recognise when they are getting breathless or feeling faint. And when such happens, it is easier to ask for or get help. The worrying thing is, for many asthmatics, it is difficult to determine how bad the situation is and when the trigger point is reached when they have to get help. 

Ideally, no one would sit back at home and say, I’d just wait until my asthma attack is so bad that I cannot breathe again, before I call the paramedics. Well, in most cases, people don’t want to wait until the situation is utterly bad before the call in the paramedics. 

What usually happens is the asthmatic person feels ‘unwell’ and may think, ‘I’m overly stressed and tired, I just need a lie down and I’ll be fine’. In many cases, a good rest does help. 

But in some cases, the delay in getting help is fatal and for the UK, an average of 3 people a day die from asthma, and out of those 3 people a day, 2 of those deaths are preventable, according to Asthma UK. This is such a sad state of affairs. That is why as a company, we are promoting better awareness of asthma triggers and regular monitoring of health statistics using AsthmApp.


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