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Abysmal testing for lung conditions in the UK

Given 20% of the UK population will suffer a long condition in their lifetime (according to Asthma and Lung UK), it is a huge shame that there is a lack of simple tests at GP surgeries for lung conditions. Every breath we take is a gift of life, yet for those suffering from lung conditions, even the simplest of breaths can be a challenge. Asthma and Lung UK has recently highlighted a concerning issue plaguing the UK's healthcare system—a lack of straightforward tests that hinder general practitioners (GPs) from making precise diagnoses for common lung conditions. This situation could have dire consequences for both patients and the NHS, particularly as winter approaches and respiratory illnesses become more prevalent. The silent struggle According to the Asthma and Lung UK charity, one in five people is affected by a lung condition at some point in their lives. These conditions encompass asthma, as well as various forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including emp