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Getting the Covid-19 vaccine

It was a good day for the whole world when it was announced that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine were ready for a public roll out! And much kudos to Boris Johnson and every government official that got their sleeves rolled up and supported the drive to achieve a sooner rather than later approval date for the vaccine. The United Kingdom became the first country in the whole world to lead the way not only with supporting the Oxford University vaccine development but also with fast tracking the review and approval process for the Pfizer vaccine which was approved for public use early December 2020. We are all awaiting the final tests and approval for the Oxford vaccine which is said to have a higher efficacy across all age groups, is said to be ten times cheaper, and easier to transport and store compared to the Pfizer vaccine. Next step Please wait to be contacted if you have asthma and would like to receive the vaccine. The government has a rollout plan for the whole of UK and different g