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Who is an AsthmApp Buddy?

 The newly launched Asthma monitoring app, AsthmApp , has a Buddy system which is a key differentiator compared to other health Apps. Here is a demo of this great app, AsthmApp It is recognised that people that suffer from Asthma often need some bit of help, from the occasional encouragement to take precautions depending on inclement weather, to being there to call for help in emergency situations.  So far, no other asthma monitoring app has provided what AsthmApp now provides - a Buddy, handy to help with emergencies! This is such a welcome development that addresses an issue that many people with asthma have struggled with for years. Now with AsthmApp, users can identify close contacts that they want the app to call automatically in  an emergency. This does not replace the need for users to call emergency services themselves. Rather it is an additional help that can rouse close contacts who have been registered as Buddies on the AsthmApp system. A Buddy is not just a close friend. A